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Reverse Mortgage Insurance For Your Home

Taxes, fees, deductibles, and many other payments are not good news to many people. However, there’s nothing much than can be done – considering the fact that they are necessary. That’s the reason why it is important for everyone to

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Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure Timeline

Timeline of a Reverse Mortgage Loan A reverse mortgage is due and payable when the homeowner of the mortgaged property passes away. As such, a reverse mortgage foreclosure is theoretically possible. If necessary, the lender on the reverse mortgage may

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Tip for your home mortgage

What Are The 3 Types Of Reverse Mortgages

In recent years, many retirees have expressed an interest in obtaining a reverse mortgage. Some seniors are confused about what a reverse mortgage really is, and if it is right for them. I have found that there are specific requirements

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Home Equity Installment Loan Vs Mortgage

A Home Equity Installment Loan or Mortgage – Which is Better? Home equity loans and mortgages are similar ways to borrow money that involve giving your property as security against the debt. In both cases, a lender can ultimately take

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Remote Appraisal

Are remote appraisals and notaries here to stay?

Many factors would change home value, making appraisals necessary. Appraisals are required even in the wake of uncertainty created by Coronavirus. Besides, a vulnerable age, among other factors, may expose seniors to scammers. They need notaries to witness the closing

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Saving on your mortgage

A 3-step guide to save on your Home insurances?

Purchasing homeowners insurance doesn’t have to be extremely expensive, especially if you follow a few helpful steps. We’ve created a straightforward guide to assist with this endeavor. Shopping Around One of the first steps to take when shopping for homeowners

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